Complex development, including attracting investment and organization of project financing

Consultancy in respect to construction and development of commercial real estate
Consulting services of Avalon Development are invaluable practical recommendations from an experienced developer and investor.
Identifying strategic sites and professional selection of building plots fully matching the requirements and objectives of our clients
Our experts study all relevant proposals on the real estate market, undertake legal and technical due diligence of each plot and offer several weighted options for client’s consideration and to aid the decision-making process.
Designing the project concept supported by the creation of a detailed business plan with key investment parameters
Our architects and designers will create unique innovative and commercially sound concepts for your future project. Our financial and commercial teams will develop a solid business plan with clear and achievable KPIs.
Hands on project management and on-site construction management
Our proven approach towards project management and on-site construction management allow us to guarantee the compliance with commissioning deadlines and project delivery.
Support in attracting and securing project financing
Our specialists can help securing investment and attract additional project financing.